Sunday, October 11, 2009

a man needs a Made

This is a grape ice-cream and peanut butter sandwich. If you understand my feelings on peanut-butter, you must already know my feelings on ice-cream....

the answer is yes. yes. and yes.

This concoction was brought to you by the brand new Milkmade Ice Cream, a premium ice cream delivery company based in New York and bringing unto thee population things like this coffee/beer/chocolate ice cream (picture below).

I beg you to check them out.

"Rich, dark-roasted coffee, a dark and creamy chocolate stout, and pieces of semi-sweet chocolate seemed like such a good idea."

Whhhhaaaaaat?! I just blew so many fuses I think I'm a fire hazard.

1 comment:

Ceily said...

Wow!!! I just might have to move to New York. Need to get out and expand my dining experience. Who thinks of these things? Now I know and I'm glad they do. I'll be knocking on your door...