Saturday, May 22, 2010

she came in through the bathroom window

people with backyards in new york city are so lucky. they don't even know how good they've got it. today was the summer, and the backyard at dave's house, and the sun's light eliminating everything. i came by after grocery shopping, made a salad in the kitchen overlooking the lawn. the flavors were exactly right to fit the day. strong and peppery arugula, tart radish, coooooool cucumber, and buttery slices of ripe avocado. perfect, perfect, perfect.

but, i'm wonderin'

arugula and radish salad

salt + pepper
oil + vinegar

it's all in the dressing: lots of lemon, a big burst of bright. thinly slice the radish first. toss it in a bowl with salt and lemon, then stir in the arugula, avocado, cucumber. dress in oil + vinegar. give everything a good toss, then finish it off with a few turns of pepper. yum!

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Ainslee said...

i found your blog through ringo have a banana and spent a long time reading it. it's wonderful. 'arugula' is one of those words i avoided learning the meaning of for as long as possible (it's known as 'rocket' in australia) because it sounded so exotic and strange. it's still better than 'rocket' even now i know the meaning.