Saturday, January 23, 2010

before i go any further, something to say

i'm not good at cooking -- just enthusiastic about it. also, i have terrible luck. for evidence, please direct your attention to exhibit (a): i just dropped a glass off a side table and shattered it on the floor of my friends apartment while writing this entry.


mom said...

Such a sweet picture of a fragile china service, delicious looking breads along side and then....the bull in the china shop. hah! I can so picture you dropping the glass but with love and affection. By the by, your affection for cooking is what will make you great at it. My mistake when I was younger was I thought all you needed to cook was a cookbook and your done. I was so wrong. To be good you have to experiment a lot and learn, learn, learn. I am finding the same thing with gardening. It's all about diving in and having fun and having LOTS of patience. When you hit it right the awards make it all worthwhile.

sweeetheartfever said...

oh mom.

you are the best mom.