Wednesday, April 15, 2009

perhaps an explanation?

Do you notice how this seasonal-food-map of the United States has New York City listed as being 'dormant' in the winter time? Perhaps my months of February and March simply fell victim to the happenstance of my geography and that explains why I've been void for weeks.

That said -- recipes coming soon!


kelly-inkagoshima said...

Cassie! I need one of these for Japan!

It's hard to know what is seasonal here unless you only buy from old ladies selling vegetables from their gardens on the side of country roads as so much of the produce here is imported! Alas, I would kill for a farmer's market!

And "tweacr" was the word verification.

Julia Fredenburg said...

I love this map, but also find it to be a liar! As you can imagine, Missouri is also dormant in the winter (for many reasons including food!) and they say asparagus are here now. If I see a Missouri asparagus, I'll be sure to let the whole state know! Liars!
Julia "Surprisingly Riled Up" Fredenburg

fash said...

i'm excited, i can eat vicariously through you once more!