Tuesday, October 7, 2008

breakfast with alisha

One of the things I love most about having a silly, sort of harmlessly-self-indulgent kind of blog is when other people in my life feel moved to be just as silly and sort of self-indulgent as me by sharing the various things that they make and eat. It justifies my ridiculous culinary pursuits AND makes me into a happy person.

My friend Alisha, who created a veritable piece of artwork out of her banana-layered-peanut-butter-toast this morning, was kind enough to forward along a photo to me so that I might visually partake in/absolutely salivate over her breakfast. PB+B--so simple! So pleasing! Ah, sigh.

I always love a little food-picture-pick-me-up.


hotdoorknobs said...

I ate PB+B everyday between the ages of like 6-10. Everything is right then...why don't we live like that forever? I'm going back starting...now.

Miles Mattison said...

hell yes! me and tiff still eat these. i love em, especially with some honey.

Suzy said...

i always get crap from people for taking so much time in crafting a sandwich perfectly, but it makes it so much nicer, i think. even if it's a messy dish, i make it look perfectly messy.

i used to put honey over the peanut butter and sprinkle some ground flax on before the bananas. don't know why i stopped, it was delicious!

Henry Casey said...

Hey, it's Henry from the other night @ Hiro. Added your blog, quite great I have to say, to the link list over on mine, withapassion. Good eating to ya.

sweeetheartfever said...

alex! oh man, PB&J and cereal bowls for life. i'm ready for it.

miles: i love it! :) i miss you and tiff.

suzy: i totally agree, haha. i am sometimes absurdly aesthetic about the most ridiculous kinds of food. great idea to add the ground flax! i had a bag that i used up on oatmeal...i should get more!

henry: hey! nice to meet you, and i am real glad you like my blog. hope you enjoyed that show, i caught the last bit. and hope to hear from you again!

Henry Casey said...

Can I get a request? What about when one's too tired and/or hungover to cook on the weekend yet the stomach beckons, this is a roundabout way of saying do you have any Brunch recommendations? Dumont and Elote are spots I support when nearby.

sweeetheartfever said...

haha, i have a couple of recommendations. one: http://sweeetheartfever.blogspot.com/2008/01/morning-after-and-other-regrets.html (that's me being a smartass)

and two: Egg! on north 5th and Bedford

and three: Flea Market, on Ave A and 4th Street (across from Tompkins Sq. Park)

and four: The Park! on W.17th and 10th ave--if only just for their garden space.

and five: Cafe Orlin! in the East village on St. Marks

haha. there are about a billion more but now i'm drawing a blank. now i want brunch!

henry casey said...

now i want brunch!

You said it. Thanks for having one of those in W-Burg. I'm in Greenpoint, but one of the things about brunch for me is that a long walk can help start to unpack the previous night's events.

I'm going to start going over daily fooding rituals, both the good and the bad, over at my blog. Today, at some point, musings on the morning iced coffee, and it's possibly seasonal nature.