Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It was a perfect summer day, so Siri (of Ringo, Have A Banana) and I celebrated it on my roof by making salads and drinking an entire bottle of wine to ourselves. Afterward, we were determined to watch the Royal Tenenbaums for some reason...I can't really quite remember why, though. Either way, the dream remains unrealized and we've now retired to the couch to eat ice cream and watch Seinfield. Ain't nothing wrong with second-bests. It was a lovely evening.


Nay'Chelle said...

That looks so fun, and it sounds like you had an amazing day. I wish I lived in a city where I could have picnics on the roof.

Haha roofies

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Roofies are like Townies, only more aloof.

fash said...

elevated dining, how classy of you!
and talk about a table with a view.

sweeetheartfever said...

nay'chelle: you had better come here! you can hang out on my roof any day!

fash: haha, you are adorable.