Friday, February 1, 2008

promise rings

With Valentine's Day looming on the horizon, what most of us are probably feeling is a sick pull in the bottom of our stomachs called "impending doom". What do we do? Where do we go? How do we make every second perfect? Unfortunately, nothing ruins a special moment faster than the awareness of how heavily premeditated it is. It's why I've never celebrated the big V before. (That or a deeply rooted feminist complex cultivated by years of self-inflicted, adolescent mental torment and listening repeatedly to Hole, but who knows?) Reservations, preparations, schedules--it's for the birds. Any holiday that encourages the mass migration of 20-somethings to every bar and restaurant in the city, bloating them with youthful, heavily-scented and overly-gussied flesh, is to be determinedly avoided. So I have a proposal, brief but possibly promising? Dinner for two, at home, DIY-style. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post a series of meals that are perfect to make for you and whomever you care for.

I know that I speak from a biased point of view, but I think I could be easily wooed by a person willing to cook for me. It's not just that I love food, it's the level of care and thought that is inherent to meal-preparation. It's a genuinely pleasurable experience to share! If you don't believe, I think you should give it a shot. And, of course, send me a note telling me how it goes.

So, get ready! Huzzah Huzzah!

Just an example, off-hand:

My friend Brian & Chicken Marsala. You might think this looks romantic, what with the wine and all, but really we inhaled the whole thing without talking and in under twenty seconds.

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