Wednesday, December 5, 2007

La-La-Love You

There's nothing worse than left-overs, right? Or isn't that at least what every ten year old kid wants you to think? Mom's Meatloaf. Capital M Capital M: two letters that, in context, are the most unwavering and tyrannical of all beasts. The twin pillars of pre-adolescent doom. For me, the first sure sign of impending adulthood was the exact moment when I looked at a tupperware full of last nights sludgy vegetables and went "panini!" instead of "eew". Since then, life has been a series of difficult relationships with all sorts of stubborn gastronomic remainders; I've become a girl in stupidly single-minded pursuit of the ultimate meal over-haul. Things have substantially improved since my first sodden attempt at a sandwich, to the point that I accept, nay—enjoy, the sometimes daunting challenge of complete culinary reconstruction. (College was particularly encouraging to my left-over management skills.)

So, I was a bit surprised when recently confronted with the seemingly hopeless: I had too many apples. Remember my fun and fancy-free applepicking excursion? Well, three or four pounds of apples later, I came to the hard-bitten realization that their continued consumption would require much more than an endless parade of sauces and pies. So I went out on a limb one morning before work, and I made an Apple Omelette. It was, no joke, delicious.

You Will Need:
1 Apple
Goat Cheese
Green Onions
A pinch rosemary
1 tbsp. olive oil

How To Make It:
Core and peel the apple, dicing it into small cubes. Dump them in a pan with olive oil over medium to low heat.
While they are gently cooking, mix the egg with the goat cheese, green onions, rosemary, and walnuts.
Once the apples have had the chance to cook down a little, dump the egg mixture into the pan.
Let the mixture cook, until the bottom of the egg looks sturdy enough to fold over and turn in the pan (making it into an omelette shape).
Once cooked through, remove from the pan and serve.

It's important to let the apples cook a little beforehand so their texture softens enough to mix well with a bite of egg. (You get enough crunch with the walnuts.) If you're a doubter, just try making it once! And tell me how it goes.


Caitlin said...

so you've improved from your days of dipping cheeze-its and carrots in apple sauce... i'm still skeptical.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic, but it looks like you either have tin foil on your windowsill or live above white water rapids.

sweeetheartfever said...

haha, it's snow on the windowledge! almost as good.

Homewrecker said...

Apple and eggs do work! That was the basis of my one and only truly original recipe, Big Apple Quiche Puffs, which by some miracle made it into a cook book (I Like Food, Food Tastes Good). I will have to try your apple omelets!